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GITTE2001 Permatex 29132 MotoSeal 1 Forum Main Tech Help/Race Shop Three Bond case sealer. I checked Permatex site, Motoseal 1 is similiar to Yamabond, Yamabond is now called threebond. I was told by the man use half the normal amount when sealing up stuff. It will not work for tank halves. This liquid seals instantly and fits any application. Hafta give 'em a call since that doesn't look like the most bad ass stuff they have, ask 'em why they picked that one. Permatex ultra black/grey? Can u use permatex ultra black or should I use grey? Permatex Motoseal 1, Hondabond, Yamabond, SuzukiBond The Motoseal 1 ultimate gasket maker did not hold up on my sensor for long - maybe a month or so. I get it from amazon. Also good are any of the products like MotoSeal, Threebond 1194, Yamabond. Re: New V-FORCE DELTA Reeds in a 2003 CR250R Thanks I have been trying to understand all that mumbojumbo. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Permatex 29132 MotoSeal 1 Ultimate Gasket Maker Grey, 2. You guys have had good experience with it holding up? If your dealing with uneven mating surfaces then as stated above use permatex "Ultra Grey" that is the same product as yamabond. ( oil pan,timing cover,water pump, etc. S. Find the Right Formula New gaskets typically do not require sealant, especially if it is being freshly fitted, but sometimes the target fitting or flange has an uneven surface. imo the best thing you could do is go to a motorcycle shop and get a tube of yamabond. Forms a tough flexible bond that I ended up picking up Permatex MotoSeal. I'm just not sure what to use and where. I use Permatex MotoSeal 1 (like HondaBond or YamaBond). i drill holes in my tranny pans and weld in a drain plug nut that way i keep the good heavy pan. I do not want to have to tear it right back apart cuz the guy at the parts counter was wrong! Permatex will work? Permatex tech spt just came back with a recommendation for the 51813 Anaerobic gasket maker. 7OZ ENGINE CASE Three-Bond 1184-1104-1211 Gasket-Sealer-Maker Case-Sealant Hondabond Yamabond. Do-it-your-selfers have long trusted the Permatex brand, so you can rely on Permatex 25229 The Right Stuff 1-Minute Gasket Maker. They seam to have a billion other types of sealers and adhesives, but only 29132 Motoseal is specifically made for gasoline. you can use Has anyone used silicon to seal up a case in lieu of the yama bond, or kawa bond, or motobond? I found the permatex ultimate gray gasket maker and plan to use it unless someone knows better. Forms a tough flexible bond that is highly effective on irregular and uneven  Sep 24, 2015 Has anyone any experience of using Hondabond 4 vs Yamabond 4? I've always used Permatex Moto Seal Available at most auto parts  Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Yamalube Yamabond 4 3 oz . Performs well at low Temperatures. I take Dad to the hospital Monday morning so they can knock him out for the procedure. looks like a higher silicone content and people like Roger Crawford use it. It black and thick, sets up great, very tacky. The local bike shop says they use 3-bond 1104 gasket sealer but all I can find is Permatex. JockeyJournal. Permatex motoseal 1 grey (same as popular Yamabond 4) bubbled at 400F and hardened but did not lose its adhesion. at Amazon. RTV silicone liquid gasket designed to be a diverse gasketing solution for engines and gearboxes. Metal to metal sealing surfaces designed for anerobic FIPG gasket maker need to use the right 'motoseal' 'hondabond' yamabond'. Anyone use any of these on automotive applications? Ultra Blue by Permatex is perfectly suitable for crankcase sealing, gas proof when cured, and no, yamabond, hondabond, and three bond are not the only case sealer on the planet. You let it air cure for a minute before assembly. dynamometer facility -crank repair -cylinder repair-trail and race motors-shock service clutch machining and balancing. Have used yama or hondabond in the past along with an anerobic loctite, forget the number. Products like 1194, yamabond, and MotoSeal are intended for those applications. com has a huge selection at incredible prices and lightning-fast shipping. As previously mentioned, I'm waiting on a new fuel pump for my Ducati. permatex grey motoseal ultimate gasket maker, resistant to gasoline, resists temperatures up to 400 degrees, seals in 20 minutes! if you got to use the goo, this is the goo to use! 3 oz. Hondabond 4 or Hondabond HT CB750. cities, Mexico and Canada. I understand that they are both silicone gasket sealers that do not harden and are meant for high temperature engine applications. threebond 1194 threebond 1184 yamabond 5 hondabond 4 threebond 1215 motoseal. Shop for Oil & Chemicals, like Yamalube Yamabond 4 at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. The next day, the garage reeked of gasoline fumes. We have the best prices on dirt bike, atv and motorcycle parts, apparel and accessories and offer excellent customer service. As someone stated it is just an RTV which is not acceptable as a case sealer. Liquid Gaskets. I'll try a tube of motoseal this time, sounds like it works well. Brand New 787 Seadoo rotary valve question-- Yamabond and Permatex Motoseal are all the same and gray in color. “The Right Stuff” (Tester’s link above) is a relatively new product and really is the best for containing oil. Motoseal has similar properties and is gray like Yamabond. Your favorite sealant to use on saws, and why So far I have only used Permatex Motoseal. Great for Disassembled engines. the new sealer, if it's like yamabond, starts to skin over as soon as it comes out so have everything ready to go and a helper is a good idea to get the shift forks in as you close the case. post #4 of 4 Old 02-16 Well I uset Permatex Motoseal Grey. Where's the cheapest place I can find a crankcase splitter? And is it absolutely necessary to have one to open up an engine? for example Permatex MotoSeal. I had a chainsaw with a leaky chain oil reservoir, and sure enough it had an RTV gasket. oil pan gasket. This is MotoSeal - The Ultimate Gasket Maker - Resistant to Gasoline, Resists Temperatures up to 400 Deg F, Performs well at low Temperatures, Effective on Uneven joint Surfaces, Seals in 20 Minutes, Great for Disassembled engines. I got the Kohler block all sealed up when I got home this afternoon. Latest application was on my sno twister 340, thin coat on the crankcase halves, some on the kohler crankcase rubber o ring for insurance. e. jsp?locale=en . So far, so good. The book calls for yamabond to reseal the seam between the top and bottom sections of the crankcase. In further reading, the grey stuff (Motoseal 1), which is not silicone based, says for “frequently disassembled engines” whatever that implies about it’s properties. i used permatex motoseal 1without gaskets on the 80 motor i changed seals in last year,still holding after 300km last winter Yamabond or 3bond is really the only if the material (plastic tank) is thick enough in the spot around where the sending unit cover is held down, I see no reason why you couldn't remove the broken bonded studs and drill a hole in their place, tap it and bolt it down with a nylon or stainless steel bolt from the hardware store. marczoid is offline Quote Quick Reply . The cylinders on the new DLEs are beautifully finished and well machined. 5 of 5 Total Reviews: 9 give your taco rating here Case Sealant, Yamabond 4/Threebond 1194? I have never had to seal a case before but I would try Permatex Aviation Form A Gasket myself. I've used both the Loctite Anaerobic sealer (#?) and the Yamabond case half sealer with good results. B Re-sealing ride shoes vs. I have used the permatex and had good luck with it. For two and four cycle engines. Has anyone I like 1104, semi-liquid and works great on things that shift a little, old two strokes that got taken apart every few hours, then sat for a month. Someone said that yamabond 4 should be fine, but I want to be sure. Then Honda and Suzuki started carrying it also as HondaBond and SuzukiBond. Permatex high tac turns to liquid, smokes and loses adhesion at about 350 F. . 7 oz. For the head gasket the thing I can recommend is Permatex Motoseal. Oil/Gearbox Pan: Gasket vs Sealant. Well, I'm definitely on the lunatic fringe end of clean/neat, so that's no problem. RTV applied by squeezing a thin bead along the faces and smearing with a finger has been a big nono because it can set up too thick between the halves even when torqued down. Does anyone have any experience with this I'm a little reluctant in using potentially the wrong sealant on my case. Its easy to spot its almost white when it drys. I like the yamabond. I am the kind of person that has to see it done to be able to do it, but hey thanks for pointing me in the knowledge direction. Buy Yamaha Yamalube Yamabond® 5 Drying Type Liquid Gasket 2. If you overdo it, it will cause the gasket to squeeze out of place. Became very brittle but was still adhered when cool. Each is designed to perform… Permatex tech spt just came back with a recommendation for the 51813 Anaerobic gasket maker. Shop with confidence. com is dedicated to the Honda CB750 SOHC and DOHC motorcycles and to their owners who love to ride, restore, and customize them. ) we used to use the yellow 3m stuff (gorilla snot ! For over 60 years ThreeBond has worked to perfect their industrial adhesives resulting in an extensive number of specialty formulated polymer products. Jul 24, 2013 Anyone use permatex anerobic gasket maker? . I emailed Permatex asking if they had a substitute and never got a response. I remember the Loctite product came in a fairly large tube and the Yamabond came in a very small tube. Old timers swear by the shellac (indian head- also by permatex) My old flathead was 100% leak free (except for the popped freezeplug) and upon disassembly I see it was all done with gasket shellac. You can get the black high temp permatex at any auto parts store. you could seal the threads with a gas safe sealer and the cap gasket would take car of the rest like it 6. com. I like the yamabond/3bond/permatex gray gasket approach. Book calls for loctite master gasket sealant. I have used Permatex motoseal for years; I do not use silicone sealants at all unless I'm working on my bathtub or want the parts to be glued together (no, I never want that!) Silicone is a tool of the devil and whenever I see an engine with the typical squeezout of most silicone applications, I run! Horizons Unlimited Presents! Informative and entertaining DVDs to help get you on the road! The Road Heroes DVD series helps answer the question - Why Go? Inspirational stories by veteran travellers Greg Frazier (5 times RTW), Peter and Kay Forwood (193 countries), Tiffany Coates (Mongolia Mayhem) and Rene Cormier (University of Gravel Roads). Suzuki bond equivalent. Permatex® MotoSeal® 1 Ultimate Gasket Maker Grey. This is a writeup that Ray Greenwood posted to TheSamba a while back about sealing case halves. ) Yamabond or equivalent around the cam tunnel, front of engine, and around the the four outside stud holes on the head and block 3. I found the Motoseal at my local O'reilly auto parts store for less than either Yamabond or Hondabond, after I ran out of Hondabond. threebond 1194-Find the Best Deals, Coupons, Discounts, and Lowest Prices. Buy a tube of Permatex Ultra-Gray. for Pliobond and found it on Amazon in an 8oz can w/brush vs 3oz glass for about same $$$. Took Dad to his urologist, but even after a numbing shot, the pain was terrible, so they had to stop. Liquid gasket sealants create a more efficient seal between two surfaces due to the additional factor of a bond in conjunction with a seal and high chemical resistance. Motorcycle crankcase sealant keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website AN fittings cost way more, have smaller diameter insides vs the threaded O. Yamabond, that's what they use at the local polaris shop as it's Yamaha as well. Sometimes they call the same thing by a different name in Canada, even though made by the same manufacturer. 1/5 rc 2 bolt vs 4 bolt for two stroke engine permatex moto seal, yamabond, honda bond-ect. master mechanic-outboard,sterndrive,pwc,snowmobile. Also, when i So i am researching sealers for case halves and read a lot of conflicting things. Exactly like Yamabond 4 I used to use. Permatex's motoseal is like half price and lance has an ancient post saying they are all the same (whether conext was in terms od effect or actual substance i dont know) Cheaper More Common Alternative to Yamabond For sealing two surfaces i use permatex motoseal. removal to access the pan or alternatively engine pull for a simple gasket replacement. ThreeBond is a global champion in industrial sealant and adhesive technology & manufacturing. You don’t need the high temp stuff. It is the same as Hondabond, Yamabond, Dreibond, etc. Solvent-based bond fully seals within 20 minutes. I've never used either before and was wondering if anyone has used the Permatex brand. Effective on Uneven joint Surfaces, Seals in 60 Minutes. Yamalube Yamabond 4 3 oz. Yes, Yamabond 4, Hondabond 4 and Permatex Motoseal are all the same product. Crankcase Sealant - Threebond vs Permatex The only Threebond i can source is over an hour drive to the honda lawn and sport dealership Permatex "Motoseal" is readily available next door What I'm using is Permatex "Motoseal". Permatex ultra black/grey? Can u use permatex ultra black or should I use grey? Permatex Motoseal 1, Hondabond, Yamabond, SuzukiBond 01 Honda CR125r | OEM except No Base Gasket - . I sealed up the side of an accessory case where oil would seep out the parting surface from about the mag hole down to the sump with Yamabond worked pretty good. 030 to Permatex MotoSeal 1 Ultimate Gasket Maker Grey. EDIT permatex form a gasket may work but I would do above and seal made gasket with form a gasket permatex I need a "gasoline proof" silicone sealant/gasket maker I have the crankcase apart to repair the 2nd gear problem. See above pics of power valve cover for an example of Threebond 1104 or New 1194 HELP! I went to the threebond web site and they don't even list 1104 anymore and list the 1194 as being "New". This is Permatex Ultra Black - Hi-Temp RTV Silicone Gasket Maker - Resistant to Gasoline, Resists Temperatures up to 500 Deg F. You guys have had good experience with it holding up? Then you must use a Solvent Based RTV like this Permatex 29132 MotoSeal 1 (links to Amazon). Our North American headquarters established in 1972 in Cincinnati, OH, is responsible for sales and manufacturing in over eight U. and is sensor-safe. 3. Excellent stuff, blows away Yamabond and Hondabond. Just be sure both surfaces are spotlessly clean and use the sealant sparingly. com Re: The resurrection of an Onan 6. Find great deals on eBay for yamabond 4. Permatex copper “spray a gasket” high temp – starts smoking and loses 500 and has poor adhesion compared to pliobond at all temps (worse at 500 deg PERMATEX MOTOSEAL #29132 (same as popular Yamabond 4) bubbled at 400F  I use it or Yamabond (threebond) grey semi-hardening all the time. My FIRST choice, the stuff I always reach for is Suzuki 1207B sealer, available at most Suzuki dealers. once you get all the bolts out a few bumps with the heel of your hand should do it. Easy to clean up, but shouldn't be necessary. I don’t see the paper seal bridging this gap. These are gasket makers that will be regularly exposed to gasoline. I am rebuilding my older KX250, and the place near me sells permatex products. If you are using it in an area that needs constant dissassembly then try the permatex "Ultra Black" , its easier to split etc without using a 10pound hammer lol. com; The Board; About Most of the Japanese mtorcycle/snowmobile companies sell it under their brand name (Yamabond, Hondabond, etc. ) Blessed by your favorite wizard or god of choice The Yamabond is rebranded 1184 if I'm not mistaken. Ive been using yamabond but the replacement and better stuff is 3bond 1211. Yamabond 5 (clear contact cement) bubbled at 400F burned black, became brittle and lost adhesion. 7 Gasket sealant isn't always a necessity, but when it is, it's imperative that you find the best quality product on the market to ensure to tight, waterproof seal. Yamaha Yamabond What is the equal substitute for loctite 518 I cant find loctite brand in any of my local stores Where can I buy it? I did find permatex brand but Im not sure wich one is equal to the 518 Also does the loctite 518 need to be put on the rubber gaskets around the top of the cylinder as shown in the shop manual? Hie thee down to thy local auto parts store - Pep Boys, Auto Zone, etc. I have an E70 BMW X5 which is leaking oil from the oil pan gasket, rearwards, pssgr side. But I really do not want to split the case later because i made a bad choice. Crankcase Sealant - Threebond vs Permatex The only Threebond i can source is over an hour drive to the honda lawn and sport dealership Permatex "Motoseal" is readily available next door Yamabond vs RTV sealant The Board. I was told that permatex makes yamabond but not sure if that is correct. After lots of opinions and investigation when starting out modifying chainsaws (and deleting the paper gaskets) for performance this seems to be the best. I use it on the K1100LT and K75 for the half moons and timing cover joints on the valve cover gasket. The Permatex has also provided good results for several of my friends on their engines. Permatex ultra black/grey? Can u use permatex ultra black or should I use grey? Permatex Motoseal 1, Hondabond, Yamabond, SuzukiBond 6. I would recommend a 2 cycle crankcase sealant such as Permatex Motoseal, Hondabond or any comparable product available from a good motorcycle shop. Best of all, you won't have to wait for it to cure. 7 OZ Tube. Anyway if attempting to seal up a non perfect surfaced crankcase has anyone had good luck with this permatex motoseal I just came across. The motor I am just finishing has Yamabond between the case, I have heard very good things about this product and wanted to try it myself. I though that the deal with Motoseal 2 was that is was gasoline resistant, which is unusual for a silicone based sealant. It is not an anaerobic cured sealer, which in your case doesn't matter. The Permatex “Ultra Black” used to be my sealer of choice for Valve Cover Gaskets and “Ultra Grey” for sealing any surfaces where the bolts are closely spaced, i. Permatex Motoseal 1 Permatex MotoSeal, Non Hardering, Gasoline Resistant Ultimate Gasket Maker Grey Permatex states in their product data sheets for the RTV products that it may be used as a gasket maker or as a gasket dressing. com; The Board; About Apparently Yamabond 4 is no longer available or something but the guys on ArboristSite say Threebond 1104 is the same stuff. Recommended for case halves and from what I've heard formulated specifically to target the 'yama/kawa/hondabond 4' market. The low fuel light came on and I filled it up. Many People Use Silicone based sealants for Crank cases, Here is why I do not. Permatex MotoSeal 1, Ultimate Gasket Maker, Grey. _____ Liquid Gaskets. Last I usually use grey permatex (with a gasket) and red permatex (w/o gasket). I went to get the ultra grey, but it didn't say that it remained flexible, which is what I want to see in a sealant Curtis Haines, Permatex Associate Innovations Manager, discusses solvent-based gasket makers and sealants. The RTV-102 is the same stuff as Yamabond-Hondabond-Ducatibond-I have used that stuff with both the quick and slow set dry times. As a guest you can view the forum and photo galleries, but you have to register before you can post or view attachments. new wear ring/seal/pump rebuild? Since the 60's or early 70's when ever Yamaha motorcycles came into this country I have used yamaha brand case sealer which at the time was called Yamabond! Still use it although it's changed a bit but it applies easily, allows easy teardown and does not leak. Permatex 29132 MotoSeal 1 Ultimate Gasket Maker Grey, 2. I usually use grey permatex (with a gasket) and red permatex (w/o gasket). I removed it and re-sealed it with the epoxy made for sealing gasoline tanks. It specifically says for uneven surfaces. グーグルサジェスト キーワード一括DLツールGoogle Suggest Keyword Package Download Tool 『グーグルサジェスト キーワード一括DLツール』は、Googleのサジェスト機能で表示されるキーワード候補を1回の操作で一度に表示させ、csvでまとめてダウンロードできるツールです。 Hondabond vs HT Permatex? i use three bond 1184 (its the same as hondabond or yamabond or kawabond) and is only $9 on line . Permatex MotoSeal 1 is specifically made for this type of application and works very well. I'm about to rebuild my ej20 and Subaru specifies threebond 1215 for liquid packing. I replaced with a paper gasket, and never had a problem after that. Good luck,that is a pretty common repair. It,s about time to order more sealer and I can't make my mind up which to order I am a fan of yamabond but their is so much waste. Whether you’re looking for OEM dirt bike parts or aftermarket motocross parts and accessories, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. I always clean the surfaces with acetone first when using it. 7. i don't like using the blue or the permatex 51813 will remain a thick liquid goo until it is pinched between two flanges and then it sets. never a head gasket. my air leaks have been from aftermarket parts that need to be lapped before installing, gasket/sealant don't span big gaps. A very little bit goes a long ways on a tight fitting surface. 5 oz Tube: Boating Permatex 29132 MotoSeal 1 Ultimate Gasket Maker Grey, 2. I have also had fine results with “aviation” Permatex on used cases. The sealant issue is still a bit of a mystery to me, there are ones that set fast, others remain tacky. The cylinder porting was very rough and the facing for the spark plug was poorly machined. Permatex Motoseal or Permatex 51813 Permatex MotoSeal 1 29132 - Ultimate Gasket Maker Gray | O'Reilly Auto Parts. 1104 is just a pinch runny and is gray in color. Can`t find it local. gaskets use the copper Your a bad ass, I must say. you should only need some Permatex gorilla snot. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The crankcase was poorly sealed when I first got it, and would leak. I know yamabond is recommended. The Right Stuff gasket maker is ideal for non-fuel sealing applications. Anything else will turn into nasty little silcon BB's that will plug and KILL your motor. I've been using Permatex Ultra grey lately. The idea is to get the excess to squeeze out before it sets up completely. ) and I have found it at autoparts stores as Permatex Motoseal #1 Ultimate Grey Gasket Maker (item # 29132). I have had good luck with it so far. ) 3 Coats of Permatex Copper Spray on both sides of the gasket 4. permatex also makes a "motoseal" type but chances are you arent gonna find that at autozone type palces but motoseal is specific for case halves applications[/b] _____----- Was able to reuse the gaskets on mine, cleaned with rubbing alcohol and put a thin layer of permatex motoseal (same as yamabond) on gaskets and had no leaks. I do keep the spray-on Permetex paper gasket primer stuff and good old aviation Permatex on hand. remember the one hiding in the oil filter cavity. 1211 is my second choice. When using it on a centercase gasket, use it very sparingly. See new innovative product as soon as I use it or Yamabond (threebond) grey semi-hardening all the time. 2. tube taco rating 4. Says it's for use on motorcycle crankcase halves & transmission case halves. I've seen a few schmoo discussion threads on here where people post all kinds of stupid opinions of what kinds of schmoo to use what places. sticky? my original stuff was like dried paint, not sticky at all. at Permatex 29132 MotoSeal 1 Ultimate Gasket Maker Grey, 2. Outdoor Power Equipment Forum. EDIT permatex form a gasket may work but I would do above and seal made gasket with form a gasket permatex red I need a "gasoline proof" silicone sealant/gasket Crankcase Sealant - Threebond vs Permatex The only Threebond i can source is over an hour drive to the honda lawn and sport dealership Permatex "Motoseal" is readily available next door I just got my engine put back together, the sump filter gasket and crank/cylinder jug gasket started leaking after I took it for a ride. 29132 - MOTO-SEAL 1 ULTIMATE GASKET MAKER GREY 80 ML Revision Date 29-Mar-2016 Precautionary Statements - Prevention Obtain special instructions before use Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood Simple, the only gasket sealer you should be using is "1104" or some level of Hondabond or Yamabond. (Yamabond, Hondabond) under the name Motoseal, part What I'm using is Permatex "Motoseal". When I replaced the water pump this past weekend, no matter what I used (brake cleaner, Permatex gasket remover, etc), I could not get the mating surface on the engine side to be shiny clean. : Gasket - Amazon. You can't go wrong with this Dirt Bike Parts. Featured Products I am out of yamabond, which is the brand I usually used on cases. I can not get the other stuff until a motorcycle shop opens on Tuesday. works for me. Unfortunately, I've noticed that one of the two wires that lead from the low-fuel sensor to the fuel pump was scraped while being removed/reinserted, such that there is a small area of exposed wire. Definitely good shit. type product. Acording to the literature it should be Re: The resurrection of an Onan 6. so you VFJ Billet Head Breather (crank case venting) - Page 5 - Kawasaki ATV Forum I used to use yamabond but RTV is easier to get and cheaper and seems to work just as well. i like permatex Hi tack or gaskacinch to simply stick the gasket in place during assembly. No Subaru or other parts shops in the Baltimore MD area seem to have heard of it before. its made to be used with two stroke engines which is in constant contact with gas and oil. So what permatex is the correct one to use on 2 stroke cases when reassembling. BTW, that aviation Permatex is some fine smellin' stuff. Anyone ever use permatex aviation or permatex motoseal? Curious to know the uses everyone has for these and pros and cons of each brand. Yamabond and Three bond and some others work well also, just not as well as the MotoSeal 1. Bret Permatex motoseal is what you want to use. I use yamabond which is said to be the same as three bond 1194. Permatex makes a gasket-removal goop that makes it easier to scrape the  Yamabond or Hondabond seem to be the concensus over the SOHC. So just wanted to get everyone's opinion on brands. Anybody got a recommendation for a substitution or where to find the threebond stuff? The Motoseal 1 ultimate gasket maker did not hold up on my sensor for long - maybe a month or so. Glamis and Imperial Sand Dune Topics General Automotive Discussion - RTV Engine Gasket maker to assemble Engine? - Hello team, I’m in the process of restoring a 100 CC Engine. Thanks all! I'll have to compare the Yamabond vs the ThreeBond and see which one I'll use! Ultra Blue should not be used for this application. nothing on the block side, if the tin flange is straight (bolt holes aren't dimpled from overtightening) it should seal. silicone is useless for this applacation. Tim Putting a 1995 elpto 40 hp back together after a rebuild. Some of the Permatex products say they are not suitable for exposure to gasoline so I tend to stay away from them. You mean Three bond 1104 (aka, Yamabond, aka (I'm pretty sure) permatex motoseal grey)? That stuff you just brush on (foam q-tip, etc) and assemble immediately. NEVER, I reapeat, NEVER use any type of permatex product on your motorcycle engine. The Jockey Journal. that aeroseal on ebay is great stuff, its a one time use only though. After doing some quick research I found out that this vehicle, as any good piece of over-engineered German car, requires of very involved sub-frame, frt axles etc. 1211 is more permanent and 1194 is semi-drying so if you apply a very thin coat to your gasketed areas it eliminates the possibility of gluing both sides of the gasket to the mating surfaces that can lead to the gasket splitting in the center. It is from a 1960s Hi, I rekon the needle grease is just Vaseline given it's melting at 40°C. 3M T-3 Silicone (black) #08670 or Locktite/Permatex #599 Ultra-Grey I used to put engine cases back together years ago with YamaBond (grey). they are taped for 3/8NPT threads. None of the silicones will AFAIK. Discussion in '308/328' started by Tifosi100, The Permatex Motoseal handles all the gasket sealer duties on it as well as the Personally, if the surfaces were flat, I would just use gasket paper and a little Permatex High-tack or Permatex #2 non-hardening sealant. everybody has their own favorite brand of sealer my 2 c's is that no one sealer is right for every application. complete racer support- free technical support-racer discount programs Todd Guthrie 1-260-316-2839 or like us on face book and keep up to date on monthly specials using our facebook page. i use cork and lightly glue the gasket to the tin with 3m yellow super weatherstrip adhesive. 35 OZ Tube. Permatex specifically recommends against using Ultra Blue for products that come in contact with gasoline. Really my biggest concern was how the aneorobic would interface with the big cracks at the pan gasket/block/pan interface, and along the gasket surface - a similar issue with the front cover gasket where a dab of silicone is specified. Is yamabond 4 resistant to 5 product ratings - PERMATEX MOTORCYCLE ATV MOTOSEAL 2. Yamabond, Permatex or ??? for joining cases? Yamabond or Hondabond seem like the go-to but are they? Just wanted to see before I join cases. D. Yamabond vs RTV sealant The Board. 5 NH-3CR/16004P Through some online research I found that the ONLY Permatex produced made for gasoline is Permatex 29132 Motoseal. I meant permatex version For metal-to-metal bonds, like cases, I prefer ThreeBond 1211; for gasketed areas I prefer 1194. Buy Permatex 29132 MotoSeal 1 Ultimate Gasket Maker Grey, 2. should_known_better says: May 1, 2018 10:17 am. Yamabond 6B (Toyota black, don't know the Three-bond #) is what i normally use on 4 stroke case halves. I haven't had any problems with the Permatex sealer but I'm interested in ~0382523P/ Motoseal+1+Ultimate+Gasket+Maker%2C+Grey. Beste Galerie von threebond liquid gasket rubber based green formular 1104 neo by threebond pack of 3 - michelewilliamsphotography. but you can always use them. If you do use the regular RTV Like The Most Popular Grey Kind then the Gasoline will eat away the RTV Gasket. etc. A better choice is Yamabond (sold at yamaha dealers) or three bond. Regular automotive RTV silicone sealer is not recommended. And i agree, it's like good paint jobs, prep is 90%. I have used permatex for years on cars and jeeps with few issues. permatex motoseal vs yamabond

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